Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 3 as a Daddy

Hey Buddy,

Lets get one think straight mister! You are not aloud to use your charming good looks and handsome smile for evil. Your mommy would do just about anything for it, so I don't want to come home and hear about how she robbed a bank or stole an ice cream truck just for you. OK? OK. Well today was the last day we spent in your home town of Taitung. We met all the people that cared for you when you were so small. You are a very loved baby. Don't worry you will continue to be very loved by many people back home. We saw the hospital you stayed at for so long. Just walking through the door people knew who you were. Everyone is so happy, but also sad to see you go. After a quick airplane ride we were back in Taipei. I thought it might be easier to get the things we need in Taipei, but I could be wrong. When we got back to the hotel I had a list of things I needed for you and mommy. Here was the list:

Fried Rice (Mommy has found this to be the only safe local food)
Hot and Sour Soup (she eats this a lot of this in American Chinese restaurants, so she thinks she will like it here)
Cranberry Juice (Mommy craving)
Apple Juice (for your tummy)
Prune Juice (for your tummy)

Now I have to say I had a little trouble at first but I think I did ok in the end. See Taipei doesn't exactly have grocery stores like we are used to. They have a million convenient stores like 7-11. So I first went to the restaurant next door and walked inside. I don't know what time it was, but it must have been too early because everything was still pretty dark. Did I mention no one spoke or understood English. I struggled to say Nee Hway Ing You Ma (Do you understand English). Then I discovered they did know one English word.... No. I never thought to say Ing you tsigh dahn (English menu). And they never thought to offer it. Instead I waited while they served me tea. A younger lady came down some steps, barked some orders, turned the lights on, and came and gave me an English menu. Would you believe they have Hot and Sour soup and something very similar to fried rice (Shanghai rice). I immediately took the spoils of my victory home to the family. I was met with mixed responses though because I didn't yet have the drinks. Never fear because I already knew they only place was 7-11 and they only had convenient store drinks written in Chinese. I had Mommy eat some rice and then we all went down to explore the 7-11. Victory we found blueberry cranberry (Ocean Spray) and a small carton that said Apple Juice.

All in all it was successful. We will see what challenges lay in store for tomorrow.

Good night son. I love you,


P.S I'll get some pics if mommy will stop using all of them.

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