Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 26 as a Daddy

Hey Buddy,

Days like today are the least fun for me. I haven't seen you yet today because I went to school after I got off work. I will probably get home some time after 10:30 tonight. I wish I could just spend time with you. Last night we had fun. Mommy left for a few hours to get ready for your "Surprise" birthday party this weekend. We played a little bit. You absolutely refused to let me leave your sight. You also wouldn't eat your "Mac and Cheese" baby food, but I don't blame you. It didn't smell good. We caught a little bit of the "biggest loser" finale. Then I gave you a bath (which you love) and put your PJs on (which you hate). Finally, you were out like a light, and not a moment too soon because mommy came home soon after. Then we both cleaned a bit. Mommy has been telling me for some time I needed to figure out how to make balloon animals. Well last night she refused to let me go to bed until I made at least one. So I made a dog with a neck like a giraffe. To test the design I let Chester carry it around the house. It survived until Mya got jealous and took it and popped it in the meantime. Anyway, then mommy gave me a diagram with a lion and the 15 steps involved in making it. Thats a big leap from giraffe neck dogs, but tomorrow I will practice and figure it out.

This weekend is going to be fun. Your first birthday party ever is taking place at Calvary Baptist Church. Its going to be a great event. I'll let you know how it goes.


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